About Synergy Mechanical...

Synergy Mechanical is a locally owned, full service commercial industrial heating,ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and refrigeration contractor. We are located in Englewood, Colorado and work with facilities throughout the Denver Metro and surrounding areas to provide solutions that will reduce operating costs, increase equipment reliability and promote efficiency and sustainability. Our technicians are certified and highly skilled in order to deliver reliable results and exceed customer expectations.

Our Vision


There is no doubt that Denver, CO and the surrounding areas are experiencing an era of exponential growth with an economy that seems to be on the same path. The demand is growing and changing and our vision and service is required to change alongside that demand.


Synergy Mechanical offers vast experience in the industry and specializes in the business of maintaining and upgrading mechanical systems in commercial industrial buildings. We understand building mechanical systems. Our programs help prevent downtime and contain unplanned costs.



Synergy Mechanical has been delivering on our promise to provide unique solutions to maintaining and upgrading mechanical systems in commercial buildings.


We will work with you to better understand your mechanical systems and offer flexible solutions to help keep your budgets on track.

Please contact us if you would like to talk about how our preventive and predictive maintenance programs can help you achieve your building goals.

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